Level 5 Plastering

What is 'Level 5 finish'?

Level 5 PlasteringThe plaster industry follows 6 levels of quality for installation and finish of plasterboard. These are named Level 0 to level 5 - with level 5 the highest standard. Generally, domestic applications are prepared to a Level 4 finish (unless higher or lower level is specified by customer]. We can also complete work to the highest level 5 finish if required. Speak to us for more details »


Level 5 Plastering specialises in ensuring plaster ceilings and walls are smooth giving your home a timeless, flawless Level 5 finish.

How a level 5 finish improves the look of your plaster

Minor bumps, knocks, dust and joints are not normally visible in certain lighting conditions. However, when direct light hits these minor imperfections, it creates a shadow, highlighting the imperfection and reducing the appearance of your wall or ceiling. This is known as “glancing light” which commonly occurs on dark feature walls or where direct sunlight hits at a certain angle.

Various techniques are used that reduce the instance of glancing light and provide a more professional, smoother finish including:

Find out today how we reduce glancing light problems with your plasterwork »

Australian Made leads the way

Level 5 Plastering uses Australian made plaster products. This includes plaster board, sheets and feature product including cornices, ceiling panels and light roses.

The combination of Australian made plasterboard and our industry knowledge gives your plasterwork a superior finish. Why? Australian made plaster sheets are manufactured to higher quality control guidelines which result in reduced imperfections during production. In our experience, many overseas plasterboards may have oil stains and roller marks on their surface which is caused by poorly maintained plant and production machinery.